Dark Souls Video Game Review

Dark Souls, available on Xbox360, PS3, and PC, is the sequel to the hit PlayStation 3 exclusive hit, Demon’s Souls. Much like its original, Dark Souls is an unforgiving, tough, merciless video game in which you are to explore to undead land of Lordran. The game features a short tutorial to get you started in the Undead Asylum, then afterwards you are left to explore and die in the land of Lordran.

Dark Souls, like Demon’s Souls, leaves you in a world without much to go on, except for the assistance (or hindrance) of player set messages left on the ground to guide you. Demon’s Souls had a great and unique multiplayer in which you can see the ghostly images of other players running about in their own worlds, to give you a sense of you are not the only one left, and Dark Souls follows that tradition.

Other Multiplayer features are invasions (other players attacking you), Kindling fires (which gives one more extra flask from others who kindle their own fires close in the network. You can also lay down summoning signs to assist others in their world as a phantom, or activate their own signs to summon up to 2 other phantoms to assist you in your fight for the current area.

A big difference from Demon’s Souls, is instead of the World/Player system, is the use of 9 covenants, which offer different gameplay styles. Some Covenants are PvP (Player vs Player) base, Some are Co-operative gameplay, and each Covenant is unique in their own way and different rewards. However, betraying your covenant can lead to consequences, or attacking/killing NPCs (non-player characters) can have dire consequences as well, so be careful!

Dark Souls, like Demon’s Souls, uses the souls you gather from enemies and such, as currency. Do you want to level up, purchase items, absolve your sins? It all requires souls, and you need to choose wisely what you will do with them.

The games unique approach to multiplayer is a very nice touch, and no other game series follows in their Multiplayer pursuit. Also, coming soon there is the Prepare to Die Edition, which will be available on the consoles and the PC version as well, so more content is on the way in the coming months.

As stated before, the game is merciless and unforgiving, which will cause frustration at times, especially when you first start, so if you are not a patient person, this game may not be for you, but if you love a video game that gives you a challenge, and a struggle, this game is perfect for you!

Yu-GI-Oh 5d Duel Transer Wii Video Game Review

Want to know a way to become a better player without leaving your home? If you happen to have a Nintendo Wii you can play the latest game available, Yu-GI-Oh: 5d Duel Transer.

You see I bought this game since I’m not able to go play with my friends all the time. This will allow me to stay focused on my target, which is to become a better player. Remember the more you play the better you get.

I’ve never played any of the previous video games, so I really didn’t know what to expect from it. I was hoping it would be like a real duel. Guess what!!! It is!!! I’m really impressed with the game play. It does resemble an actual duel. Even up to how you get your cards for your deck.

You start off with a starter deck and some money, they call it LP. In order to get new cards you have to duel people and earn some points, which you can use to buy packs. The type of packs you can buy depends on who you have defeated in a duel. If you beat officer Trugg, you can purchase Duelist Genesis packs which you can pull his amazing syncro monster Goyo Guardian. Once you defeat Yusei you can pull his star synchro monster Stardust Dragon. The same goes for Jack Atlas with Red Dragon Archfiend.

The packs you can choose from range from Dark Beginnings all the way to the most recent Duel Terminal 4. I wish I could pull cards in real life like I do in the game. I say this because I pulled a Pot Of Duality in the first 5 packs I bought of Duelist Revolution. And you know that is one of the 5 top cards from Duelist Revolution.

The type of decks you play again in the beginning are not that great. But remember you don’t have that many great cards in your deck to begin with. As you start to win more duels and get better cards, your opponents decks become better too. So the game keeps it a fair battle.

One of the best things I have learned from the game is the timing of certain cards. Meaning when can you play certain cards. It actually reminds you of either a quick spell or trap you can play at that moment. Having it pop up all the type can be a bit annoying after a while but you can change that setting. I have not since I really enjoy the feature. It has won me some duels due to me forgetting I could use a card to stop what they were doing. So it’s a great learning tool too.

The only thing I disliked about the game is that it comes installed with the banned list prior to September 1. So you can play with Heavy Storm, Mind Control, Rescue Cat, etc… So you can’t play all your spell and trap cards in fear of getting hit with the storm. Funny how one card actully changes how people play. I’ve seen the true power of heavy storm in the game.

Now if you have WiFi you can install the latest banned list. So it’s not really an issue unless you don’t have WiFi.

The game can help you become a better player because you can build any deck you want to test play with and against. Decks like Blackwing’s, Lightsworn, GBs, gravekeepers or whatever you want to try. You can figure out their weaknesses and see what their big plays are, so you know how to stop them. You may also just want to play them without having to buy them in real life. You can test them out to see if you like them before spending $100’s of dollars on the key cards and hating it.

I almost forgot, you also get 3 cards. They are not the greatest cards in the world. But you can only get these cards when you purchase the game. The cards are Ape Fighter, Roaring Earth and Clsed Forest. They all deal with beast type monsters.

If you have a Wii and want to improve your game play and become a better player, you have to buy this game. It’s a must have in your yu-gi-oh tool box.

Video Games Review – Can Role Models Be Negative?

Video games encompass dealings with a user interface to cause ocular comment on a contrivance. The previous year has been an intricate one for the gaming industry with sales declining and shutting down of a number of gaming studios. Despite of this, the gaming industry has been able to cope up and make available exciting games.

We have had easy access to these games since the last 30 years. They are an exceptional mode of amusement. The modern games call for stable alertness of the players which has a positive as well as a negative bearing on the players. A question that concerns us today is the impact that these games have on children and the society at large. It allows children to experience realistic graphics besides enhancing computer literacy. Nevertheless, violent games make youth aggressive and have a negative bearing in the players’ life. Children, who plays violent games for prolonged hours develop a tendency to argue with the teachers, parents and involve in fight with friends and siblings. Eventually, there is a decline in the achievements at school.

In addition to this, they give confidence to the players to spot with and fantasy their adored characters which are known as “first-person” video games for the reason that it allows the players to embark on decisions having some bearing on the actions of their loved character. Therefore, such games are over and above than mere games that prohibit players from being accountable and meaningful part of the society.

The fact that video games have a bearing on the society cannot be overlooked. In my opinion, I believe that violent video games should be banned. I have myself witnessed kids taking the role of their favorite character and indulging in a fight. This is a serious issue which needs an attention while making games before things go too far.

The New Guitar Hero III is Fun According to the Video Game Reviews

Like the former version of Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero III now has plenty of rock music designed to insure the delight of music lovers. The nature of the game remains much the same as before, although there are much graphics now present and the songs are at a much higher level of difficulty, made to challenge the skills in guitar playing of the more dedicated music gamers. The advances in technology continue to contribute to the sophistication of newer rock versions like Guitar Hero III over the previous versions, and as the makers benefit from the video games reviews.

Guitar Hero III boasts of a guitar controller and a strummer. It also has a new set of fret buttons. The game now shows the notes on the screen and the player has to hit the matching buttons fast in order to create the music. The big collection of hit soundtracks in the new version will give you much pleasure with the effect of making you feel as having created them yourself. Covering several generations of music, you can find Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’ or ZZ Top’s ‘LaGrange’ in it. You will also have rock pieces selected from the 1990s sung by Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Pearl Jam. These are among the new features that will give you much entertainment and fun playing the new game. The favorable video games reviews of the earlier Guitar Hero editions must have contributed to the increased sophistication of the new series.

The increased level of difficulties in the songs is the primary reasons the music fun and lover will spend hours in the game trying to improve his skills. Guitar lovers are somehow addicted to the instrument once they learn playing it; the same thing happens with Guitar Hero III – the addiction just follows as a matter of course. Experienced guitar players can now see in the new version which notes can be pulled off, or may be hammered on, as they are prominently shown in glowing brightness on the screen.

One special feature in Guitar Hero III is that you will be able to keep track of all your note streaks, which allows so much concentration while you are playing the game. Text messages flash also on the screen regularly advising you of the streak milestones that you have reached. The star power meter has also big improvements from the older versions, which make the player glued to the game for hours. He can very well forget the long hours he is in the game and could even miss his meals just pursuing his addiction to the rock music in the new Guitar Hero III. The player may just be duplicating what the makers of the new guitar game version experienced when they worked on the game – they also missed their meals trying to perfect it. Some of them may even include these missed meals in their making of their video games reviews.